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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 07

Have you ever thought about your favorite tarot cards? I never actually did until a few days ago. With seventy-eight options, it’s actually quite difficult to choose a favorite card. Many tarot readers though purchase new decks based on one card or another in particular. The card holds special meaning to them, despite otherwise having no significance. But what if we had to pick a favorite card based on artwork and divinatory meaning at the same time? This process is an interesting one, highlighting cards that would otherwise escape our notice. Whatever our favorite card turns out to be, there’s plenty of exploring to do. Usually we tend to explore card meanings or their significance, but this challenge allows us to take another look at what just feels right. So, here’s my favorite card, and we’ll explore it across quite a few decks. Continue reading

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Day 019: Taking A Numerological Look At The Chariot

There are quite a few ways to add, subtract, and multiply numbers to get any one viewpoint or result. While the original post explored The Lovers, which is perfect for a crossroads, I couldn’t help but want to explore The Chariot. This card is representative of my Life Path number, or my personality and soul number. It just so happens, that The Chariot also corresponds to Cancer. So, why not, in honor of the New Moon, take a look? Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Hierophant

Between two worn pillars sits the commanding presence of the Divine in our world. To him belongs the ancient rites and ceremonies of the High Priest, for only he truly understands their meaning. With each holy sacrament comes the blessing of the Divine, and a greater connection to the sacred spark of the Divine within. For there, silently nestled between the established pillars of tradition rests the secret knowledge of Divine experience and an inspiration revealed only through the passage of time. Continue reading

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Day 018: Getting Acquainted With The Hierophant

For many, the religious overtones of The Hierophant make the card a difficult one to tolerate. Today, we’re often quick to criticize or point out the flaws in our religious leaders. Some religions, are even so new, that we must face harsh criticism of the founders we once looked up to. While we are often quick to embrace religious truth, we’re not so fond of religious structures. The Church, as a functioning group, has seen a rise in criticism today. So, what, if anything, can we learn about The Hierophant? Is this card relevant today, and if so, how do we interpret its tough symbolism? Continue reading

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Day 017: Puffed Up Tarot History

Deep in the heart of the Ancient Egyptian desert laid a secret guarded for centuries. Until, one day, a man dared to walk in the sacred passages of the ancients. Entering by way of a secret chamber within the Great Sphinx, this man soon found himself within the Great Pyramid of Giza. There he navigated through terrible ordeals meant to test the strength of his soul and character. Found worthy, he soon descended a ladder and came face to face with a long gallery of precious statues. These were the twenty-two embodied secrets of the ancients, now known as the Major Arcana. On the walls of the Great Pyramid itself was carved all the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. Today, these secrets are passed down in a single deck of tarot cards. At least, that’s how the origin story goes. But is it realistic, and if it’s not, why do so many cling to the idea? Continue reading

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An Empress Tarot Ritual

To me, tarot rituals are all about focusing the mind. Rituals are designed to elevate our consciousness, helping us to better align our actions with our direct will. So, today, I want to help everyone tap into their inner Empress. Let’s do a tarot ritual to help us get in touch with the Divine Feminine. Continue reading

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Weekend Readings: Tarot The Complete Kit

Whether you’re celebrating this weekend or simply taking it easy, I have a spread for you. And, this week, I’m going to read with my first ever tarot deck, Tarot: The Complete Kit. The spread I chose is worth delving into for your personal journey with tarot, so let’s get started. Continue reading

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