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Journey Recaps: First Thirty Days

Everyone says it takes thirty days to form a habit. When one consciously attempts to form a habit then, what happens? What does it look like during that process of change? Well, I just hit my first thirty days a couple days ago, and I’m going to talk about it. The time spent has been life changing, habit forming, but not always what I expected it to be. So, if you’re looking at the prospect of a New Year’s resolution, or even, just wanting to change a habit, why not see what your process could look like? Continue reading

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Dream Analysis, The Tree & Tarot Cards

Ever have one of those dream where you wondered what sparked such an odd occurrence? Better yet, have you ever had a nightmare you couldn’t explain? Well, these questions have been running through my mind lately. It occurs to me that dream analysis is a fairly popular topic, but one I haven’t talked about at all. The Tree of Life is perfect for interpreting dreams. So, why don’t we see what we can learn? I’ll even share a somewhat personal example with you. Continue reading

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