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Journey Recaps: Week 5

This week has been filled with so much that I’m late writing an update. I know, how dare I miss a few days? But, I promise it’s been worth it. There’s a lot to talk about, but I’ve already tried discussing parts of this week to no avail. I’ve actually got some very personal experiences to share with you. So yeah, bear with me as I’m a little nervous with this week’s update. Perhaps I was even putting it off a little bit. But, I promise, I won’t hesitate to share more in the future. Also, it didn’t help I got sick the other day when I planned to do this post. Ugh! Anyway, on to the new plans and this past week! Continue reading

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Book Review: The Path of a Christian Witch

Today is the day of the super full moon! This full moon in particular is a time to focus on our core spirituality. To do this, I decided to start in an odd place, a book review. Everyone likes to do book reviews. I like to read book reviews. Witches in general are avid readers. But, at a time where my path has shifted so closely in tune with the super full moon, well, it seems like fate. The first book I will be reviewing is The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair, so if you’re interested in Christian Wicca, this is the book review for you! Even if you’re not interested in Christian Wicca, if you like to hear about a witch’s personal journey of discover, well, this book is a must. Why not start with the review of it first? Continue reading

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Journey Recaps: First Thirty Days

Everyone says it takes thirty days to form a habit. When one consciously attempts to form a habit then, what happens? What does it look like during that process of change? Well, I just hit my first thirty days a couple days ago, and I’m going to talk about it. The time spent has been life changing, habit forming, but not always what I expected it to be. So, if you’re looking at the prospect of a New Year’s resolution, or even, just wanting to change a habit, why not see what your process could look like? Continue reading

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Daily Tarot Readings: Day Thirty-One

Today is turning out to be an odd kind of day. It amazes me how little steps sometimes bring the most progress. When that happens, everything just seems to align perfectly. We tend to forget what went wrong and focus … Continue reading

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Journey Recaps: Week 4

Shifts and changes everywhere! Nah, it’s not actually that bad. This week has been a pretty good week. There’s been ups and downs, but I feel like it is all working out pretty well. As always, I’ve got plenty of insights to share about how this week went. If you’ve been following my tarot readings, you know how odd my recap is going to be this week. If not, don’t worry, everything will make sense in a minute. You didn’t miss much, but, you certainly missed plenty. Here’s this week’s update! Continue reading

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