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A New Journey & The Page of Cups

Today is my first day starting a new project. After some heavy research into the origins of witchcraft and Wicca specifically, I thought I’d delve deeper into the Occult. Since this is the first post in what will hopefully be a year’s worth of updates, I thought I’d share where I’m currently at. I’ll also go into a little bit of what I’m hoping to achieve, and how I came about this process in the first place. Continue reading

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Modern Magick, The Golden Dawn, & Much Much More

A while back, I began to ask myself what witchcraft looked like before Gerald Gardner. To be fair, I mainly wanted to know what inspired Gardner to start a religion all his own. What sources had he used? Why did he make specific changes to the rituals he utilized? How had witchcraft changed over time? Little did I know the answers to these questions would leave me a little at a loss. So, in the interest of sharing experiences, I thought I’d share what I learned, and what it means going forward. Continue reading

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So You’re A Witch: Book Ideas For Beginners

With so many books floating around out there for purchase, new witches face a difficult task in sorting what to buy. Add to this the idea of budgeting our purchases, and well, choosing what to pass up can be quite difficult. There are plenty of book recommendations and reviews, but what about direction? Are there any good resources to help you sort through what you need? Continue reading

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