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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 07

Have you ever thought about your favorite tarot cards? I never actually did until a few days ago. With seventy-eight options, it’s actually quite difficult to choose a favorite card. Many tarot readers though purchase new decks based on one card or another in particular. The card holds special meaning to them, despite otherwise having no significance. But what if we had to pick a favorite card based on artwork and divinatory meaning at the same time? This process is an interesting one, highlighting cards that would otherwise escape our notice. Whatever our favorite card turns out to be, there’s plenty of exploring to do. Usually we tend to explore card meanings or their significance, but this challenge allows us to take another look at what just feels right. So, here’s my favorite card, and we’ll explore it across quite a few decks. Continue reading

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Day 016: Fluffy Tarot Readers

The topic? Fluffy bunny cards, those cute tarot decks and inaccurately themed cards that we just can’t seem to put down. Do these decks do more harm than good? What do their users see in them? How can these ever create better tarot readers? Where are the consequences felt within the tarot community? All these questions have been in my mind for days now, and I feel like finally sharing my point of view with you. Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The High Priestess

Nestled between two great pillars she sits, awaiting the arrival of those who seek for her. On her head is a crown of times past and in her hands she holds the scroll of spiritual law. Hers is the great mystery of self, and she beckons those daring enough to look deeper. Behind the veil she guards is the sacred pool, ever flowing, ever constant. For hers is the beauty of the stars and all they govern. Continue reading

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Day 006: Three Card Draws

There is no spread I love more than one that features a three card draw. To me, three card draws are diverse and practical. It’s no surprise then that they are an important beginning step for any card reader. But what if you’ve already done tons of three card spreads? Well, all I can say is try another. There’s always something to learn in any tarot spread you do. I know for me, much of my progress has been showcased by reading three card draws. In any case, I was eager to see what Benebell Wen had to say about them in her book, Holistic Tarot. Do I even need to articulate how I wasn’t disappointed? Holistic Tarot is a book that just continues to give. Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Magician

In his hand the man holds the power of the universe. To him, all doors are open and filled with possibility. He has become one with the flow of creation. Clothed in red and white robes, his very appearance conveys mysteries otherwise unknown. But all may not be as it first appears. For who can fathom the great mysteries by sight and sight alone? Continue reading

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Day 005: Getting Acquainted With The Magician

One of the most interesting things about my one card study of The Magician has to do with the archetypes involved. What is The Magician’s true archetype? To me, I’ve always related The Magician to Merlin, the one who helps aid King Arthur. But, at the same time, I relate Merlin with The Hermit. Clearly, there is a problem. While Merlin can contain both aspects, it is helpful to separate the two aspects. So, what is The Magician’s true archetype? Where does he truly belong? Continue reading

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International Tarot Day Challenge

Have you heard about International Tarot Day? Well, if you haven’t, International Tarot Day is on July 8th. And, since this is my first year celebrating International Tarot Day, I thought I’d see what card wanted to reach out to me for more inspection in my studies. Everyone, I got the 9 of Wands! Continue reading

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