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Day 023: The Deep End of the Tarot Pond

Recently, I took some time off to really think about the different approaches to tarot today. We seem so far away from the philosophical debates of the past, now preferring feel good ideas of self-improvement and reading by intuition and intuition alone. All things must run their course, but what does this mean for traditional tarot readers like myself? My approach to tarot is one of philosophical inquiries and time honored traditions. I like knowing the Celtic Cross Spread is over a hundred years old, and when I read with it, I embrace the ideas of those who came before me. Why do I savor the idea of an esoteric truth to tarot while others are quick to dismiss such a claim? Today I just want to discuss where I’ve been, what I’ve been researching, and some of the opinions I heard when seeking out the wisdom of others. Continue reading

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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 06

Are tarot spreads really that important to learn from? I remember when I thought there were finite layouts and card combinations. My young tarot reading mind couldn’t fathom why you’d need more than three possibilities. Since then, things have really changed in the tarot spread department. There is an infinite supply of card layouts to choose from, all of which seem to offer something new to discover about the tarot. But, I can’t help but remember the days when it wasn’t about the layout. I learned tarot using one layout for the longest time, and it never failed to enhance my tarot reading in general. Too much of a good thing is still bad, so let’s go back to basics today. Today’s question is all about tarot spreads, and I’m taking full advantage. Continue reading

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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 04

Some tarot readers are psychic. Some tarot readers don’t believe in predicting the future. Others never read the tarot for other people. All of these things factor into how long you’ve been reading tarot, and when you call yourself a reader. Let’s talk about it, and try not to get lost along the way. Continue reading

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Day 014: June’s Monthly Progress

Holistic Tarot encourages us to document our tarot journey, all in an effort to gauge our improvement. When we do our best to gauge our thoughts and note personal revelations, then progress is possible. This is the process behind becoming a better tarot reader. If you do not document your tarot journey, then you will never improve. To this end, I want to discuss my personal progress during my first month with Holistic Tarot and its corresponding beginner study guide. Continue reading

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Day 011: Keeping Your Tarot Journal

An abundance of articles online are full of advice when it comes to tarot journals. Benebell Wen has both an article and a video on the subject. This post is about my own tarot journal, what I’ve already learned embracing Benebell Wen’s suggestions, and what I plan to do for next year, because it’s never too early to plan! Continue reading

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