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Day 023: The Deep End of the Tarot Pond

Recently, I took some time off to really think about the different approaches to tarot today. We seem so far away from the philosophical debates of the past, now preferring feel good ideas of self-improvement and reading by intuition and intuition alone. All things must run their course, but what does this mean for traditional tarot readers like myself? My approach to tarot is one of philosophical inquiries and time honored traditions. I like knowing the Celtic Cross Spread is over a hundred years old, and when I read with it, I embrace the ideas of those who came before me. Why do I savor the idea of an esoteric truth to tarot while others are quick to dismiss such a claim? Today I just want to discuss where I’ve been, what I’ve been researching, and some of the opinions I heard when seeking out the wisdom of others. Continue reading

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Day 016: Fluffy Tarot Readers

The topic? Fluffy bunny cards, those cute tarot decks and inaccurately themed cards that we just can’t seem to put down. Do these decks do more harm than good? What do their users see in them? How can these ever create better tarot readers? Where are the consequences felt within the tarot community? All these questions have been in my mind for days now, and I feel like finally sharing my point of view with you. Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Emperor

On the throne sits the High King, absolute and unwavering. To him belongs all the power of his great realm. For with the passage of time has come great success and wealth. And yet, behind his study gaze is a hidden wisdom. The Great King assess all around him, for he is the true center of his kingdom. As a stronghold, he guards all within the borders of his kingdom, maintaining the order he has wrought from chaos. Continue reading

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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 03

This question is all about favorite decks, so what more is there to love than possible new additions to that list of yours? Continue reading

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Day 014: June’s Monthly Progress

Holistic Tarot encourages us to document our tarot journey, all in an effort to gauge our improvement. When we do our best to gauge our thoughts and note personal revelations, then progress is possible. This is the process behind becoming a better tarot reader. If you do not document your tarot journey, then you will never improve. To this end, I want to discuss my personal progress during my first month with Holistic Tarot and its corresponding beginner study guide. Continue reading

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Weekend Readings: The Gilded Tarot

This weekend, I’m highlighting one of my favorite decks. The Gilded Tarot is a wonderful blend of the Rider-Waite Smith themes with fantasy. For a tough subject themed reading, this is the deck I’m going to. Hopefully, we’ll get a really powerful reading in response to it. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our weekend tarot deck and a nice hot cup of coffee. Continue reading

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Weekend Readings: The Happy Tarot

This weekend, I thought I’d share one of the more ‘for fun’ decks that I own. It’s another Rider-Waite Smith based deck, but, well, just look at it. The Happy Tarot seems to be quite popular recently, and I couldn’t resist. So, to really let this deck shine, I thought I’d try a spread from the Tarot Prediction & Divination book. Continue reading

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