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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 07

Have you ever thought about your favorite tarot cards? I never actually did until a few days ago. With seventy-eight options, it’s actually quite difficult to choose a favorite card. Many tarot readers though purchase new decks based on one card or another in particular. The card holds special meaning to them, despite otherwise having no significance. But what if we had to pick a favorite card based on artwork and divinatory meaning at the same time? This process is an interesting one, highlighting cards that would otherwise escape our notice. Whatever our favorite card turns out to be, there’s plenty of exploring to do. Usually we tend to explore card meanings or their significance, but this challenge allows us to take another look at what just feels right. So, here’s my favorite card, and we’ll explore it across quite a few decks. Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Emperor

On the throne sits the High King, absolute and unwavering. To him belongs all the power of his great realm. For with the passage of time has come great success and wealth. And yet, behind his study gaze is a hidden wisdom. The Great King assess all around him, for he is the true center of his kingdom. As a stronghold, he guards all within the borders of his kingdom, maintaining the order he has wrought from chaos. Continue reading

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Day 015: Getting Acquainted With The Emperor

The Emperor is one of those tarot cards that often gets neglected in favor of more comforting cards. In the Rider-Waite Smith deck, The Emperor looks stern, demanding, and far too authoritarian. It’s not surprising then, that many women have difficulty connecting to The Emperor card. What many women would be surprised to learn however, is that men likewise have a difficulty with The Emperor. Continue reading

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