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30 Day Tarot Challenge – Day 07

Have you ever thought about your favorite tarot cards? I never actually did until a few days ago. With seventy-eight options, it’s actually quite difficult to choose a favorite card. Many tarot readers though purchase new decks based on one card or another in particular. The card holds special meaning to them, despite otherwise having no significance. But what if we had to pick a favorite card based on artwork and divinatory meaning at the same time? This process is an interesting one, highlighting cards that would otherwise escape our notice. Whatever our favorite card turns out to be, there’s plenty of exploring to do. Usually we tend to explore card meanings or their significance, but this challenge allows us to take another look at what just feels right. So, here’s my favorite card, and we’ll explore it across quite a few decks. Continue reading

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An Empress Tarot Ritual

To me, tarot rituals are all about focusing the mind. Rituals are designed to elevate our consciousness, helping us to better align our actions with our direct will. So, today, I want to help everyone tap into their inner Empress. Let’s do a tarot ritual to help us get in touch with the Divine Feminine. Continue reading

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RWS Tarot Card Meanings: The Empress

At the end of the winding waterfall she sits, awaiting your notice. To you she offers all the passion of life. Behind her gaze is an eagerness, an anticipation of what is to come. Around her all life seems to hold some fascination for you. The fields of wheat sway in the breeze, a harbinger of what awaits from the nourishment and sustenance of life. For this woman is the embodiment of all forms of beauty. Continue reading

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Day 012: Getting Acquainted With The Empress

After analyzing the High Priestess, it’s only a natural progression to The Empress. These two cards are often contrasted against each other, creating a spectrum of female expectation. Many feminists tend to align themselves with the High Priestess, seeing The Empress as a stereotypical subjugation of women. And yet, there are many women who see The Empress as a welcoming mother, an extension of the Goddess. Why do women see the High Priestess and The Empress as an either or? Why don’t men see The Magician and The Emperor similarly? Much of this actually has to do with our understandings of the archetypes involved. Continue reading

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