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Book Review: The Path of a Christian Witch

Today is the day of the super full moon! This full moon in particular is a time to focus on our core spirituality. To do this, I decided to start in an odd place, a book review. Everyone likes to do book reviews. I like to read book reviews. Witches in general are avid readers. But, at a time where my path has shifted so closely in tune with the super full moon, well, it seems like fate. The first book I will be reviewing is The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair, so if you’re interested in Christian Wicca, this is the book review for you! Even if you’re not interested in Christian Wicca, if you like to hear about a witch’s personal journey of discover, well, this book is a must. Why not start with the review of it first? Continue reading

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Journey Recaps: Week 1

Year long journeys are tough. How do you properly document your way while still progressing? What seems important now may not be important in the future. At the time, these events all appear necessary and essential. Where do I cutback in favor of time and valuable experience? Documenting my progress day to day this becomes a somewhat minor problem. But, now trying to do a weekly recap, I find there’s much I didn’t say. This post then, will focus primarily on the mental side of things as opposed to the processing aspect of it. Continue reading

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